How does it work?

Posted on 2018-08-23

Our automated system shows an innovative, modern, and functional design that allows to store products of different shapes and sizes. The crystal clear counter gives our customers a perfect view to choose any item they want. We complete this cutting-edge design with a 22 "touchscreen that allows a quick product selection, which generates an immediate sense of well-being and satisfaction.

PHARMABOX can be installed in non-conventional or mass circulation places, such as airports, subway stations, shopping centers, service stations, amusement parks, universities, financial towers, rural areas, among others.

Thanks to the technology developed in our dispensers, we offer a storage capacity of between 1000-1300 products simultaneously, regardless of their presentation: boxes, envelopes, bags, bottles, containers or blister packs. Our automated PHARMABOX kiosks are recharged manually quickly and easily.

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