Your personal Pharmacy

One of the most sought after qualities in a business model is time-efficiency. Saving time in mundane procedures translates to benefits for the consumer.

PHARMABOX is a cutting edge service that immediately provides products crucial to our clients’ health by distributing over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our goal is to become a nationwide solution for those seeking OTC pharmaceutical products in non-conventional, highly frequented areas such as malls, hotels, tourist attractions, transit stations, condominiums, airports, universities, and other high traffic locations.


To be the market leader in automatically dispensed pharmaceutical products nationwide, using an innovative distribution system to service highly frequented, yet currently underserved, areas.





  • Quality
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment

Vending Machines:

PHARMABOX’s vending machines use an innovative display approach that allows for easy adjustment of each product’s shape, size, and height, resulting in an efficient display of products. Our efficient display system enables us to offer the public any product regardless of its shape or size. PHARMABOX machines are manually recharged quickly and easily.

With our easy, advanced system, we can offer the public any product regardless of shape or size. Thanks to this innovative technology our machines can store 1500-2100 products simultaneously regardless of their presentation, whether boxes, envelopes, bags, bottles, containers, or blister packs.


Upon selecting a PHARMABOX product through the machine’s computer display system, the product is transported through an elevator system that carefully places the product in the exit area, where our clients pick up their product. The machines’ elevator system allow for easy storage of glass, aluminum, cardboard, plastic, or metal containers.

  • Touch Screen 32 "
  • Bill Acceptor, coins and credit cards
  • Front safety glass and lighting


At PHARMABOX, we have developed software that provide ease of management and transparency of operations on each machine. Our software provides a number of tools that make the creation of daily and monthly reports easy, efficient, and accurate.


PHARMABOX distributes high-quality products that tend to our clients’ medical and pharmaceutical needs.

We specialize in providing over the counter (OTC) products, in compliance with FDA regulations.

OTC products are an effective and safe solution to medical issues such as allergies, cold symptoms, nausea, and other common ailments. OTC products do not require a prescription and are most effective when used according to each product’s instructions. PHARMABOX also carries cleaning, beauty, and personal care products.