Pharmabox Rolls Out Automated Drugstore, Filling Void In Underserved Communities

, Jan, Tuesday, 2016 | By Pharmabox

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MIAMI -- Pharmabox Inc. said it's shipping the first of its first self-service kiosks that carry more than 140 items typically found in a local pharmacy. Pharmabox creator and company chief executive Alejandro Rodríguez Espinoza said he wanted to find a way to get name-brand products into communities that are underserved by brick and mortar stores. After two years of research and development, the Pharmabox was born.

Pharmabox reportedly offers well-known personal care products and over-the-counter medicines at the same or lower prices than those found at most stores. Featured brands include Tylenol, Vicks, Advil, Ben Gay, Pepto Bismol, Colgate, Gillette, Tampax and Band-Aid.

Pharmabox says its kiosk is designed to be placed in any public location and multiunit residence. It's also a fit for existing retail stores that want to expand their product line to include personal care and OTC medicines, without the stocking, ordering and inventory responsibilities.

Pharmabox said it is donating one meal for each 10 items sold to an underprivileged person through The Homeless Voice, a nonprofit.

"I came from very humble beginnings, and we often had little food or medicine," Espinoza said. "I created this system and our give-back program because I believe that when you help others, you create a better world. The Pharmabox not only helps people get the products they need, but also gives entrepreneurs the ability to capitalize on a great innovation in the rapidly growing automated retailing market."